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3 Tips when shopping for your wedding invitations.

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

So you just got engaged ! Congratulations ! Now the fun begins.'The planning'. You probably already have an idea of what your dream day looks like in your head but when it comes to finding the best wedding invitations, where do you start ? Let us walk you through a few simple steps.


Do you already have a design in mind for your wedding invitation ? Whether you prefer something a bit more trendy or something a bit more traditional, it's definitely a good idea to know what your style is ahead of time as it can be an overwhelming process having to pick among large collections of wedding invitations. Seen something you like ? Bring it along with you as a reference or inspiration when you go for your consultation. Having something already in mind will point you in the right direction and make the selection process much easier. Believe it or not, it will also help you to get rid of some of that unwanted stress !


The reality is there is a wide range of prices out there. You'll want to set a realistic budget for affordable invitations since you will have more expenses to consider towards your wedding. Things like a wedding photographer, videographer, venue, cake, wedding decoration etc...

Don't forget that your wedding invites are the first glimpse that you give to your family, friends and guests therefore you will want your wedding invitations to be something that is reflective of your wedding theme !


When trying to figure out how many invitations you will need for your wedding, here is something that should help you toward landing on a good approximate number.

Couples = 1 invitation

Families = 1 invitation

Single friends = 1 invitation

We also recommend ordering about 10% more than what you would actually need in order to account for any lost invitations in mail , last minute invites, unexpected guests from work, people you forgot, etc...

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